[Koha] Server slowness during reindexing

Eric Bégin eric.begin at inLibro.com
Sat Aug 10 08:10:56 NZST 2013


I suspect that you are doing a full reindexation instead of reindexing 
only the record that were modified.

I would suggest to check the flags passed to rebuild_zebra and make sure 
the -y is used.

Best of luck !


On 2013-08-09 13:51, Heather Braum (NEKLS) wrote:
> Our system comes to a full stop for about 25-45 seconds every ten minutes.
> I have been told in the past this is the fast reindexer process, but I
> don’t remember our system doing this in previous Koha versions before we
> were upgraded to 3.10 (3.10.5) in May. Does anyone else see this type of
> behavior?
> This full system stop was originally happening at the :x0 (:10, :20, :30,
> :40, :50, :00) minute mark beginning in early July after we were moved to a
> new, powerful server, and has slowly regressed to happening (currently) at
> the x7 (:07, :17:, :27:, :37, :47, :57) minute marks.
> The behavior is the following:
> The system will be working fine, and then all of a sudden a new page you’re
> trying to load will sit and wait to load for 25-45 seconds before finally
> loading. I’ll check the clock and without fail, it is the :x7 minute mark.
> I am constantly pulling up pages with records, and the system is instantly
> responsive the other 9 minutes of the 10 minutes.
> I do not think the system is supposed to be responding with this behavior.
> Has anyone else seen behavior like this? Does anyone have any ideas as to
> what is going on?
> Thanks,
> Heather Braum
> Digital and Technical Services Librarian
> Northeast Kansas Library System
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