[Koha] Question about getting information for statistical reports

BWS Johnson abesottedphoenix at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 20 22:21:02 NZST 2012


    I had to rub me eyes and wonder if I were conflating listservs. :D Welcome to Koha. 

>Every year we need to fill out statistical reports for the state libraries
>and, ultimately, the IMLS (Institute of Museum and Library Services).  I am
>sure other libraries have had to do the same thing. 

    A long time ago when animals could talk, there were no statistics whatsoever with Koha. Don't worry, there are now. I believe that you have Paul Poulain to thank for this very simple breakdown, or perhaps Chris Cormack. Or perhaps I'm mortally offending whoever it actually was a jillion years ago. The thing is, I asked for it, and the nice developers made it like RIGHT AWAY with a smile. 

    Your needs should be close to the initial thingy that I asked for, since we essentially needed the same thing at my tiny olde Library in Western Massachusetts. If it is in fact what you want, the good news is that you don't have to screw about with SQL. :D

    You can get to the bespoke thingy by logging into the 

Staff side and clicking

Reports (this has a nifty pie chart on the Bywater Demo, dunno about your jobby)

Catalogue by itemtype

>We also are interested in finding out the best way to create reports of
>daily circulation that would include checking out items at the library for
>that library's patrons and the items we send on intralibrary loan to other
>libraries in our network.
>Thanks for any information you can send our way.

    I would recommend that you boot about one of the demo sites and click lots of buttons. That way you can get comfy with reports in general. It'll help you familiarise yourself with what Koha will already run. It also will make you feel as though you can't possibly break anything, since you can't.

    That said, I don't think there's a Librarian alive that has all of their statistical nerdy needs satiated by the little array of preconstructed ones at hand. That level of nerdiness is a 2 part process. The first thing you ought do is head to:

    to see if someone has already slapped one together. They prolly have. There are a mind boggling number of them. 

    if not, then you head on over to the

Staff side




Guided Reports

Create from SQL

    If mah babbling didn't help, there's always the manual.


    Nicole did a preso on this, but it was way back at Plano. Perhaps she's done summat newer lately that the pigeons have buried deep in the Google results pages.


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