[Koha] Question about getting information for statistical reports

Diedre Conkling diedre08 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 15:51:50 NZST 2012

I am assuming this is a good place to ask this question.

We, Chinook Library Network, are pretty new to Koha and are still working
on fully understand how to do some things using Koha.  One area where we
could use a little more help is in pulling out information for statistical
reports.  This question probably particularly applies to those in the U.S.

Every year we need to fill out statistical reports for the state libraries
and, ultimately, the IMLS (Institute of Museum and Library Services).  I am
sure other libraries have had to do the same thing.  From Koha we need to
get information about how many items we have and how many patrons we have.
We also need to know the circulation for the year.  The items are broken
out in categories like adult books, dvd's, etc. and children's books,
dvd's, etc.  Can those of you who have done this give us some clues on the
best ways to pull together this information?  We need the information for
each library in our network.  We do not need it for the network as a whole.

This year we are only looking at a few weeks of information so it is not a
major issue.  The rest of our statistics we already pulled off of our old
ILS.  However, we would like to be able to pull together some of this
information for each month and for next year.

We also are interested in finding out the best way to create reports of
daily circulation that would include checking out items at the library for
that library's patrons and the items we send on intralibrary loan to other
libraries in our network.

Thanks for any information you can send our way.

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