[Koha] Use of Google Analytics and +1 on Koha website

Chris Nighswonger cnighswonger at foundations.edu
Tue May 29 02:15:15 NZST 2012

On Mon, May 28, 2012 at 9:30 AM, Mirko <5p4m at gmx.de> wrote:

> Hello David.
> David Nind wrote:
> […]
> >
> > I would not classify it as 'spyware', no more so than any other cookies
> set
> > by websites.
> >
> > What information does Google Analytics collect? Google Analytics is
> > implemented through a cookie which is placed on the visitor's
> > computer along with code in the webpage which collects visitor data and
> > relays it to Google's servers for processing. It generally collects:
> >
> >    -     IP addresses
> >    -     Geographical location of the IP address
> >    -     Pages visited
> >    -     How the visitor arrived at the webpage
> >    -     Computer information, such as the operating system, screen size,
> >    browser browser being used.
> Together with the data collected on all other Google-"enhanced"
> websites (embedding Google analytics, Google+1, Google ads,
> googleapis, Youtube clips etc.) and the data generated by
> "standalone" enduser products like all flavours of Google search,
> Google Maps/ Streetview, Gmail, Google+, Google checkout, Youtube,
> Blogger.com, Android and all the other things Google does, this data
> may represent, depending on your online behaviour, your complete
> life on the internet and even more.
This is a very valid concern. Given enough data about an individual, it is
possible to use data-crunching software to prognosticate the said
individual's future actions with a very high level of probability. We are,
after all, creatures of habit. This is no small concern and extends well
beyond Google. The aggregate of data collected on a given individual today
is tremendous. A large part of it is collected with no further consent of
the individual than the simple choice of the individual to use technology.

> While I can understand that people may find the term spyware harsh,
> from my point of view it is not inappropriate. Google watches a lot
> of things we do on the internet and I am not comfortable with that.
Spyware is not too harsh imho. It is probably not strong enough if the raw
truth were known.

> It's not only Google of course, I am very concerned with how much
> things are outsourced to third parties nowadays, giving them access
> to user data and power over our own websites, blogs etc.
> It sure makes things easier for webmasters, gives them new tools,
> reduces bandwidth and so on, but it is done on the cost of the
> user's privacy.
Exactly. Nothing is free. You always pay for it somehow. In many cases
today, you trade your personal information for ease and convenience. it's
still true: If you are going to dance, you will have to pay the fiddler. At
least be sure that you preserve the right to choose whether or not you

Kind Regards,

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