[Koha] Multi-Lingual SQL & User Defined Parameters

Karam Qubsi karamqubsi at gmail.com
Thu May 17 00:15:53 NZST 2012

Dear Mr Massoud ,
Dear all,

I think this will be very helpful for the people who don't want to use
the English interface in Koha , and as you say when we finish
translating koha 3.8 to Arabic ( very soon inshaallah) ,
we will have  problems with the people who want to use koha in Arabic
and english in the same time
May be some Arab librarian prefer to use koha English interface for
the staff client  , and in the case that  we've used the translated
sql files (that your company provided it to us) for the marc21 the
Arab librarian who want to use the English interface will have a
problem because all the staff client will be in english except for the
marc records

and if we use the English version of the marc21 sql files the problem
will be that the Arab librarian who will use the Arabic interface will
see the marc fields in english

so if we want to use arabic interface we have to use arabic sql files for marc

is it possible to make something like armarc as we have normarc in the
SQL structure ?!

it's not a standard we don't really have 'armarc' and it is not a
solution so the library chose its Marc flavor and all the librarian in
that library will be forced to use this armarc , but will help to make
the installation of the translated Arabic marc more easier

and for the preferences description is included in the po files but
the preferences still in English (the main term )

maybe the best solution is to make all the strings in koha included in
the po files I don't have deep technical background but this will be
more flexible for koha users all over the world for other languages
not only for the Arabic language

wish you will be able to do that for all the koha community :)

 thanks a lot for you Mr Massoud

and thanks you all in Koha community for helping us :D

Karam Qubsi
Koha Arab Translating Team
Wikibrary for Arab Librarians

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> Subject: [Koha-translate] Multi-Lingual SQL & User Defined Parameters
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> Hello,
> I have asked a question about two years ago about when we can have Koha
> support of Multi-Lingual SQL files (used for marc21/Auth fields description
> in the Staff client) and Multi-Lingual users defined parameters (used for
> describing items/ libraries & groups/ locations/ patrons categories/ etc),
> and the answer from Koha development then was that it is
> under consideration but not in the development pipelines yet, as it will
> require some re-structuring in Koha system databases and controls. That
> means, Koha will remain a single language in these areas.
> With Koha 3.6 release, I noticed the inclusion of "Spanish translation for
> SQL files" in the INTERNATIONALIZATION enhancement section. Does this mean
> that Spanish Koha, or any non-English Koha, now has both Spanish and
> English SQL files, where Koha users can switch between more than one
> language when, for instance, editing marc records in the staff client ?
> Koha Preferences description used to be in SQL files, which means a single
> language prefers, and then moved into PO files format with 3.2 release (I
> think) and thus Preferences became multi-lingual since then.
> Thank you Koha development for elaborating on the issue of having a fully
> bilingual Koha.
> BTW, Arabic Koha 3.8 is now on the fast-lanes translation speed to be
> completed within 3-4 weeks.
> See Arabic Koha 3.8 OPAC demo site on
> Thanks
> Massoud M. AlShareef,
> The world of achievement has always belonged to the optimist!
> KnowledgeWare Technologies
> (P.O. Box 230-312)
> Riyadh 11321, Saudi Arabia
> Cel: +966 505 307 267
> massoud at kwareict.com
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