[Koha] Patrons blocked after turning in overdues

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Hi Nicole,

You seem to be saying that if a library does restrict a patron because of overdue items but the patron finally returns the item to the library, that restriction will not be automatically lifted from the patron’s account when the offending item is cleared from their record?

Am I understanding your response correctly?


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There are a few possibilities.  You might have set the Suspension in Days on the Circulation and Fines Matrix in Administration (http://manual.koha-community.org/3.6/en/patscirc.html#circfinerules).  The other option is that you have it set to restrict patrons when they get overdue notices and you can stop this by going to Tools > Overdue Notice Status/Triggers and unchecking the box under 'restrict' (http://manual.koha-community.org/3.6/en/noticetriggers.html).

Let me know if those work for you.

Nicole C. Engard
ByWater Solutions
2012/1/19 Jim Maroon <storypage at gmail.com<mailto:storypage at gmail.com>>
At some point we turned on a setting that apparently punishes patrons for having had overdue items. Depending on the severity of the overdue, it blocks them for X number of days, and staff have no way overriding it. This is for patrons who have already turned in the overdue items and do not have or have already paid fines.

Where is this setting and how do I turn it off?




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