[Koha] Upgrade koha 3.0 to 3.8 installation guide

Mark Tompsett mtompset at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 28 01:00:51 NZST 2012


As Robin Sheat pointed out, a step or two was missing. This is why we 
strongly recommend reading the INSTALL.{OS} (i.e. INSTALL.debian or 
INSTALL.ubuntu, etc.) files.

If you are running in another language other than english, please
switch to english before doing the upgrade, the templating system has
changed and the templates will need to be regenerated.
Once you have upgraded, please regenerate your templates in your
chosen languages.

If you are upgrading from a previous installation of Koha 3.x, you can
use the following:

./koha_perl_deps.pl -u -m # to identify new Perl dependencies

Install any missing modules
IMPORTANT: Koha 3.6.x uses Template::Toolkit, this must be installed
before the webinstaller can run

sudo apt-get install libtemplate-perl

perl Makefile.PL --prev-install-log /path/to/koha-install-log
make test
sudo make upgrade

Koha 3.4.x or later no longer stores items in biblio records so
if you are upgrading from an older version as part of the
upgrade you will need to do the following two steps, they can take a
long time (several hours) to complete for large databases

misc/maintenance/remove_items_from_biblioitems.pl --run
misc/migration_tools/rebuild_zebra.pl -b -r

I compared this section against the INSTALL.debian, and only find the debian 
had a typo in it.

If you are going to be doing a fresh install of Koha, consider packages in 
the first place:
I can affirm that the Koha_3.8_on_Debian_Squeeze instructions work for 
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

Mark Tompsett 

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