[Koha] Let's Fix It Together Update

BWS Johnson abesottedphoenix at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 22 01:41:51 NZST 2012


    A little while ago, I sent this message to the listserv about improving Koha's search.


    There's good news. Mike Rylander and Galen Charlton 
have encouraged us to use some of the Evergreen community's search code. Adapting their QueryParser from Evergreen 1.6+ results in a big savings 
since we won't have to reinvent the wheel. Jared will be adapting this 
code to work with Koha pro bono.

   Thankfully, a couple of sponsors stepped forward to help 
make things happen. With their generous support, we have pledges 
totaling about $6500. The magic number is $9000 to get this off of the 

    At $9000 patrons will actually be able to make use of fielded simple searches, and the new unambiguous query syntax. At $15000 we'll 
have a new and improved advanced search. At $18000, we'll be looking at 
faster searches, and after every single component thereafter, life will just
get better.

    For more information on the nuts and bolts, please do check out the wiki at


feel free to leave your feedback since we want this to work right for everyone.

    To track our funding progress, there's a thermometer up at C&P


    We look forward to fixing this together soon!


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