[Koha] Completeness of records for importing

Galen Charlton gmc at esilibrary.com
Tue Aug 21 01:47:58 NZST 2012


On 08/20/2012 06:12 AM, franc at library.iisc.ernet.in wrote:
> Could you please have look at the sample record given below and let me
> know if it is complete in all aspects or if any of the obvious and
> essential fields are missing.

The record has everything needed for a basic bibliographic record, but 
please note my comment about the 008 below.

> A Sample Record
> ---------------
> =LDR  00000nam  2200000Ia 45e0^M
> =008  120819s9999\\\\xx\\\\\\\\\\\\000\0\und\d^M

You've set the Date1 field (positions 07-10 of the 008) to '9999'. 
However, since you do have a publication date available to you in the 
260$c, it would be better to plug that into the Date1 field.


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