[Koha] Stable vs maintenance releases?

Chris Cormack chrisc at catalyst.net.nz
Wed Aug 1 07:30:09 NZST 2012


They are both stable branches and releases on both are maintenance releases each month.

I prefer to think of them as stable and oldstable. With master bein development.

3.4.1 is pretty old I'd say the site needs an update.

When we release a new feature release a x.x.0 release we don't kill the previous release tree. So currently we are doing monthly maintenance releases for the 2 stable branches. 3.8.x and 3.6.x, this means people can stick with the latest release of 3.6.x until they have decided they want to move. 

So we have feature releases, every 6 months and maintenance every 1.
The only exception is a security release, if something requires an urgent release we will do that.


Cab Vinton <bibliwho at gmail.com> wrote:

Can someone explain the difference between these two?

http://download.koha-community.org/ lists these as 3.8.3 (stable) and
3.6.7 (maintenance) ...

I would have thought that a maintenance release is done "on top of" a
stable release, comprising minor bug fixes and the like.

And how is it determined what the latest "stable" release is? I notice
that Equinox's support page is still listing 3.4.1 as the current
stable version. Is this something that varies from support company to
support company, depending on their confidence in a particular
release, their philosophy of development, etc?

With thanks,

Cab Vinton, Director
Sanbornton Public Library
Sanbornton, NH

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