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MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Wed Oct 19 12:20:23 NZDT 2011

"Hillyard, Cecil" <CHillyard at washoecounty.us>
> Thanks for the info.  I was hoping not to have to use the codes. Dang! 

If you use GNU/Linux or a similar system on the desktop, there are
"dead keys" which you can type to put an accent on the following
character: AltGr and ; puts an acute over the next letter, for

Or you can use the Compose key to combine the next two characters.
Its location is configurable, but I think the default is often
Shift+AltGr, so Shift+AltGr then ' then e will produce an e-acute.

The Free and Open Source Software http://allchars.zwolnet.com/
adds this useful idea to Windows, mapping it to a control key.

Hope that helps,
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