[Koha] circulation notices

Caitlin McGurk mcgurk at cartoonstudies.org
Fri May 20 07:20:30 NZST 2011

Hello Koha-

I'm having some major problems trying to get circulation notices emailed out
to patrons. As far as I can tell, all of my settings are correct, and I even
had a programmer come in and take a look. The day he was here, he set
something and the system mailed out notices. None have been mailed out
since, though. Any ideas?
Our administration is reviewing the success of this new ILS tomorrow...
please help!


Caitlin McGurk
The Schulz Library
The Center for Cartoon Studies <http://www.cartoonstudies.org>
McGurk at cartoonstudies.org*
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