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Sat May 14 01:53:54 NZST 2011

This is something I was thinking about too! Because I manage equipment through Koha (not just books) it would be amazing to place a camera kit on top of an RFID reader and let Koha scan all the contents in the kit making sure everything was there: camera, charger, USB cord, etc. If it comes up empty on an item, we look inside and double check if its actually there or missing.

I noticed a few youtube videos of RFID and a Koha terminal interface a while back . . .

But I feel it would be as simple as expanding the checkin/checkout field to bulk update.

ex input all at once: 



On Friday, May 13, 2011 at 9:17 AM, ajesh at maxenna.com wrote:
>  I have recently installed Koha3.4 on Ubuntu.
>  I would like to interface an RFID reader with Koha.
>  More specifically when the user goes to
>  Circulation -> check out -> and enter the patron details,
> there will be a place to "Enter item barcode". The usual procedure is that
> the barcode scanner will fill in this value.
>  But what we want to implement is an RFID reader instead of the barcode
> scanner. Each book will have a RFID tag. The patron will pick the books
> from the shelf and bring it and place some books on top of RFID reader
> which will read all the books at once, say for example 4-5 books at once.
>  My doubt is how can I read this information into koha. Any suggestion
> please.
>  On further thought, I was thinking on developing an application which
> would read the data from the RFID reader and update the MySQL database in
> the same way/format Koha would do. Would someone recommend doing it this
> way.
>  If so how do I develop this application. Because I know C#.net and
> VB.net. But these can be used only for developing application on windows.
> How do I develop an application that will run on Ubuntu and suffice as an
> interface for Koha.
> Regards
> Ajesh 
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