[Koha] Koha hardware interface

ajesh at maxenna.com ajesh at maxenna.com
Sat May 14 01:17:15 NZST 2011


 I have recently installed Koha3.4 on Ubuntu.

 I would like to interface an RFID reader with Koha.

 More specifically when the user goes to
     Circulation -> check out -> and enter the patron details,
there will be a place to "Enter item barcode". The usual procedure is that
the barcode scanner will fill in this value.

 But what we want to implement is an RFID reader instead of the barcode
scanner. Each book will have a RFID tag. The patron will pick the books
from the shelf and bring it and place some books on top of RFID reader
which will read all the books at once, say for example 4-5 books at once.

 My doubt is how can I read this information into koha. Any suggestion

 On further thought, I was thinking on developing an application which
would read the data from the RFID reader and update the MySQL database in
the same way/format Koha would do. Would someone recommend doing it this

 If so how do I develop this application. Because I know C#.net and
VB.net. But these can be used only for developing application on windows.
How do I develop an application that will run on Ubuntu and suffice as an
interface for Koha.


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