[Koha] Sudden problem with check in

Peel Lisa lisa.peel at ritz.edu
Fri May 13 03:25:37 NZST 2011


All of a sudden we are having a problem when checking in some items - we keep getting the message 'this item needs to be transferred to IHCR. Transfer now?' even when the item is being checked in at IHCR and the borrower also has the location IHCR. It is doing this sparodically (different patrons, different item types) and I can't see any pattern so it is hard to duplicate, it seems to be happening (at the moment) only at one location.

Any ideas? What does Circ use to determine location (I had assumed from the location chosen when logging in)? And why has it only just started to happen (been running Koha since last August).

We are on 3.00.05 (hoping to upgrade very soon!!)



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