[Koha] Circulation System Operation Failure- 3M SelfCheck System - KOHA SIP 2 ISSUES,

Susan Mustafa susan.mustafa at gmail.com
Thu May 12 18:22:38 NZST 2011

Good Day All,

I hope that I may find someone who has come a cross this issue before:


SIP 2 Server SETUP - Using
sipserver.xml has been changed to include the machine IP, + port 8023


telnet 8023
login: someuser
password: somepassword
%s Initiating SIP OK.
did a command here and it returns 941 which is ok i guess.



3M SelfCheck System is showing [ Circulation System Operation Failure -
Unspecified Error] in RED.
We have already done everything, ensure the
username/password/ip/ports/configurations all CORRECT and still does not

We have already done a telnet session [telnet xx.ip.xx.xx 8023] from inside
the 3M SelfCheck Machine [Command Line] and it works OK, returning us
results and everything.

We have attempted to do something like
but no use, it still does not work.

I hope someone has come a cross this issue when working with 3M SelfCheck
with KOHA

I appreciate all the help I can get, we have been stuck for over a week
attempting at resolving this.

Thank you all,
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