[Koha] Sirsi in NZ!

Paul Poulain paul.poulain at biblibre.com
Tue May 3 23:44:00 NZST 2011

Le 03/05/2011 12:09, MJ Ray a écrit :
> Waylon Robertson <wrobertson1981 at yahoo.co.nz> wrote:
>> What....... how... who.... what madness is this? Did they even look
>> at Koha? NZ, the birthplace of Koha... has, at a national level,
>> rejected Koha? Or did they not know about Koha? Koha wasn't good
>> enough for them?..... I feel ... like using lots of strong words.
> Did the National Library of NZ use a procurement process?  

iirc, Dan Christie, Catalyst director (Chris C. employer) spoke of this
during KohaCon. iirc, he said it was hard to convince OpenSource was a
that's all I remember, i've forgotten the details (but i'm not surprised
by this news, it was implied when I heard don speaking of that)

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