[Koha] new versions

Shelley & Kurt Kemperman ksckemperman at chartermi.net
Wed Mar 30 01:40:13 NZDT 2011

Trying these questions again...

We currently have version 3.0.0 and want to update to 3.2.6 this  
week.  We are having the IT consultant that originally installed Koha  
this winter do this.  Any potential glitches or problems that I should  
be aware of?  Will I have to reset anything in the new version?   
Hoping the transition goes smoothly.

Also, would it be better to wait for version 3.4 in April?  How  
different will this one be?

We don't have full-time or even regular IT help - have to hire/pay for  
each service, so we want to use our money wisely.

Thanks, Shelley

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