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Elaine Bradtke eb at efdss.org
Tue Mar 29 23:33:46 NZDT 2011

Warning, the following is theoretical, we haven't actually done it yet.

We plan on taking a completely different approach, due to the historic
way our data has been organized.  We have a database with records for
each periodical title containing a list of the issues we hold (or more
correctly, ranges, eg. vol. 1 no. 1, January 1911- vol. 4 no. 2 March
1914; vol. 6 no. 1 January 1916-).
The individual articles have been catalogued in our main database (at
what will become the biblio level in Koha) and will have a link to the
host item (the periodical record, which will also be at the biblio
level) in the 773 field.  We will not have a link from the host item
to every subordinate item because this could exceed the number we are
allowed to have in MARC.

This would probably provide the functionality you would like - the
ability to search for individual articles / authors / keywords.  But
you would have to split your article information out of your
spreadsheet and into individual MARC records.  Given the digital magic
my IT wizard has been able to do, I think it's possible with a bit of
clever programming.

Of course the national libraries do not catalogue periodicals to this
level, but specialist research collections like ours do.


2011/3/27 Joel Harbottle <Joel.Harbottle at hotmail.com.au>:
> Hi Paul,
> This problem isn’t going to help with what your asking, but this is how I
> manage the Serials in our Library.
>     1. I have a Bibliographic Record for the Serial Title.
>     2. I utilise the Serials Module functionality in Koha to manage the
> Subscription(s) and Acquisition/Receiving of issues of the Serial Titles.
>     3. I then attach a holding record to the Serial’s Bibliographic Record
> for the issue, and because we store a year’s worth of issues of a Serial
> Title in
>         a pamphlet box, I also utilise what we call a ‘Serials Summary’
> generic holding record which is attached to the bibliographic record and is
>         updated every time a new holding record is created for a received
> serial issue.
> I have attached to this email, in Microsoft Word (.doc) format, an example
> of how our Serial Bibliographic Record and Holdings Records appear in the
> Koha OPAC.
> Paul, unfortunately, I can’t shed any light onto the type of functionality
> you are looking for in regards to abstracts, etc., but I thought I would
> share my method of dealing with Serials in my Library.
> Kindest Regards,
> Joel
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