[Koha] Cataloguing serials

Joel Harbottle Joel.Harbottle at hotmail.com.au
Sun Mar 27 22:44:35 NZDT 2011

Hi Paul,

This problem isn¹t going to help with what your asking, but this is how I
manage the Serials in our Library.

    1. I have a Bibliographic Record for the Serial Title.
    2. I utilise the Serials Module functionality in Koha to manage the
Subscription(s) and Acquisition/Receiving of issues of the Serial Titles.
    3. I then attach a holding record to the Serial¹s Bibliographic Record
for the issue, and because we store a year¹s worth of issues of a Serial
Title in 
        a pamphlet box, I also utilise what we call a ŒSerials Summary¹
generic holding record which is attached to the bibliographic record and is
        updated every time a new holding record is created for a received
serial issue.

I have attached to this email, in Microsoft Word (.doc) format, an example
of how our Serial Bibliographic Record and Holdings Records appear in the
Koha OPAC.

Paul, unfortunately, I can¹t shed any light onto the type of functionality
you are looking for in regards to abstracts, etc., but I thought I would
share my method of dealing with Serials in my Library.

Kindest Regards,

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