[Koha] Quick Poll: Who uses COiNS/ OpenURL in the opac search results?

Nicole Engard nengard at gmail.com
Tue Mar 29 00:30:27 NZDT 2011

On Mon, Mar 28, 2011 at 5:59 AM, LAURENT Henri-Damien
<henridamien.laurent at biblibre.com> wrote:
> Same remark for French folks...
> except it is not even for academic but also public libraries.
> About COiNS support, yes... But we also remarked that COiNS was not
> really the more interesting format for zotero. Maybe RIS or unapi.
> Hope that helps.
> --
> Henri-Damien LAURENT


Koha does let you export as RIS (I thought) but I thought you needed
COiNS to have your browser automatically integrate with Zotero.  What
I mean is with other applications like Zotero you have to export the
record from Koha and import it into the tool - I like that with Zotero
I click a button in my browser and it's added to Zotero
instantaneously.  I'm not picky (and most librarians aren't either)
about the format as long as that functionality isn't broken in the


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