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Hi Paul

On Sat, 26 Mar 2011 12:07:38 -0400, Paul <paul.a at aandc.org> wrote:
> and also wrote off-list (maybe better to keep everything on-list?)

No, better to write everytime to koha list also.
But not send your file of 230,000 issue to the list (:-->>

> Our query concerns *cataloguing*, not *importing* - perhaps more of a 
> bibliographic query as regards Koha structure, its mapping, and its OPAC 
> presentation - this latter being after all the "be-all and end-all" of 
> library software; we are fine tuning Koha to help our patrons (and if we 
> can make life easier for the admins, that's an added bonus!)
> I have re-read my email below, and would only add that we are getting 
> closer to recognizing that we will need 230,000 *biblios* - one per 
> periodical issue - instead of about 700, one per periodical title. This
> due to the (some experts suggest outdated) Marc limits of 952$ (and 
> possibly other 900$ series [sub]fields) compared to the 500$ and 600$ 
> series and the various places that dates appear. From an IT point of
> I can make anything happen - it's just that we want to respect the 
> "international standards" of Marc and Koha rather than reinventing the
> wheel.

You have reason, your question is cataloguing request.
So y
ou heve only 700 serials but your interest in them is huge, you have data
(year, vol, date) of every issue for a total of 230,000 "items".
You speak about abstract, keywords, boats specific of every issue.

You want to be able to search on specific information of every issues.
Is it correct you ?

If so (and I think is, seeing yoyr web site, http://aandc.org/),
in fact you are an archive more than a library.

As standard libraries and their ILS do not work at issue level.
If you see British Libray Catalogue about the serial "The rudder" you find:

LDR 	      as a2200169ua 4500
001 	012093497
008 	870526d1910    xxum| p|||   ||   ||eng  
040 	|a Uk |c Uk
084 	|a VR 36 |2 blsrissc
24504 	|a The rudder.
260 	|a New York, |c 1910-28.
300 	|c 4to.
85271 	|a British Library |b STI |k (P) |h VR 36 |m -E(7) |2 blsrissc
866 0 	|a 1910-1928; Vol.24-44.
SYS 	012093497

No information about the issues.
So my suggestions:
a)I want only one Koha for ALL my collection
(http://aandc.org/collections/index.html), so:
1)Insert in Koha only 700 bibliographic records, one for serial.
2)In every record insert a link to an software specific for archiving (like
Eprints, Dspace,Kate, Evergreen, etc.)
3)You user search the title in Koha and after he uses a more specific
software for issues.

b)I setup a Koha ONLY for serials, so:
1)Insert in Koha every items as a bibliographic record, so you will have
230,000 biblios.
2)Create a seach interface with years, vol number, etc.
3)In the title box an ajax suggestion script is a good idea (with only 700

In fat no ILS can manage a biblio records with 1,000 o more "son" and is
not a problem only of MARC standard.

Zeno Tajoli  

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