[Koha] Split call numbers on labels?

Marty ontariowolf64 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 14 08:40:00 NZDT 2011

I was wondering what the criteria are for koha to split call numbers on labels.
I have various long Dewey numbers, but none seem to get split as I understand it.
My label layout has barcode and itemcallnumber (for a spine label)

Say I have an itemcallnumber 808.066028, it does not matter how it appears, either as 880.06'602'8 or 880.06/602/8, for example (many similar versions are to be found at the LoC), the number never gets split.
I understand being split as in the case of 880.06'602'8 that I have 880.06 on the first line, 602 on the second or maybe 6028, because spines are a limited width and the number would be too long to fit. Making the font size smaller is NOT an acceptable solution...

So, am I missing something or do I have to go back to my old trusty kbarcode?



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