[Koha] Add record author field locked?

Fogg, Shawn (DPH) Shawn.Fogg at state.ma.us
Thu Mar 10 04:50:56 NZDT 2011


Thanks for the information, that looks like it was the problem. Good idea about the custom framework. I assume that would be in Koha->Administration->MARC Frameworks? 

What fields are required by Koha?

I think for these books the librarian is really just looking for Title, Author, ISBN, Call Number and Barcode.



Just to elaborate, navigate to Administration/System Preferences/Authorities and set 'BiblioAddsAuthorities' to 'On'.

I found that it was also helpful (especially for a school library) to create a custom bibliographic framework containing only the fields we needed.  It made manual cataloguing significantly easier for school librarians who might not have much experience with MARC format cataloguing.

Hope that helps!


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