[Koha] Fwd: Access to British Library Z39.50 servers

Bob Ewart bob-ewart at bobsown.com
Thu Mar 10 03:30:51 NZDT 2011

On 03/09/2011 04:42 AM, MJ Ray wrote:
> Bob Ewart wrote:
>> The British Library server mentioned below (Z3950cat.bl.uk) returns
>> SUTRS syntax not MARC.
> Some libraries can register for an account which can get MARC21, but
> it has an anti-social non-commercial restriction which has
> implications if you ever want to share your records.
> http://www.bl.uk/bibliographic/data.html
> BL is making some data available as Open Bibliographic Data (which
> we endorse http://openbiblio.net/principles/endorse/ ) so hopefully
> that will change in the future.
> Hope that informs,

Thank you.

Their non-sharing restriction probably means that setting up a Z3950
server would be out.

I'm wondering about the MARC display available under OPAC. I'm guessing
that would probably not get them too upset.

I've found most of our books from AMICUS or the Library of Congress.
Occasionally I've had to go to the Oxford library.

AMICUS (amicus.collectionscanada.gc.ca, port 210, database ANY) does
require registration.  A lot of British books are in their database. Go
to http://amicus.collectionscanada.gc.ca/amicus-bin/self_register?l=0
to register.


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