[Koha] 3m self-checkout machines and Koha

LAURENT Henri-Damien henridamien.laurent at biblibre.com
Wed Mar 9 21:37:54 NZDT 2011

Le 09/03/2011 03:53, Liz Rea a écrit :
> 2011/3/8 Lori Bowen Ayre <lori.ayre at galecia.com>:
>> Hi James,
>> I don't think it matters which 3M model of self check you use because they
>> all rely on SIP. The 3M and Koha implementations of SIP are all worked out
>> and there are several libraries using their self-checks.  Not e-commerce,
>> just the self-check.
>> FYI, Tech-Logic and ITG also have Koha libraries using their self-check
>> machines, also via SIP.
>> Lori
>> On Tue, Mar 8, 2011 at 4:50 PM, James, Mason <mason at kohaaloha.com> wrote:
>>> hi Folks
>>> are any libraries out there on KohaLand using 3M selfcheckout machines
>>> if so... do they behave OK, and what specific models work well
>>> cheers, Mason
>>> --
>>> KohaAloha, NZ
> NEKLS is using 3M self check machines. We have really only one minor
> problem, mostly they work well.
> Problems we see (and this may be totally a matter of library preference):
> items with holds aren't allowed to check out if the patron has the
> book in their hand (i.e. they got a book off of the shelf that some
> off-site patron had placed a hold on before a librarian got to it to
> pick it). That's really all I've got for right now. It used to be that
> things like Pokémon and books about Resumé's wouldn't check out, but I
> believe this has been fixed (much to our squeeing excitement).
> We also have 3M checkin chutes, with similarly trivial problems
> surrounding holds.
> SIP has come a long way in the 3 years we've been on Koha.
> Now, to make it work very well with Envisionware.... ;)
> Liz Rea
BibLibre (and Tamil i think) would have the same reports here.

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