[Koha] Copies available… but only if the OPAC language is English

Magnus Enger magnus at enger.priv.no
Sun Mar 6 00:34:19 NZDT 2011

2011/3/5 Mirko <5p4m at gmx.de>:
> I was able to fix the problem. The non-English XSLT files are not up
> to date (I only checked with the German version for now but I
> suppose it's the same problem for all). The most important change
> seems to be line 5
> xmlns:items="http://www.koha.org/items"
> to
> xmlns:items="http://www.koha-community.org/items"

I can confirm that this difference in namespaces lead to "no copies
available", I had the same problem with my work-in-progress XSLT files
for NORMARC, but assumed it was only a problem for me because I hadn't
updated my files.

Your problem may have been solved by updating the templates with
"translate install xx-YY", but for future reference, here is a page
that describes how to submit patches to Koha:

Best regards,
Magnus Enger

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