[Koha] Copies available… but only if the OPAC language is English

Mirko 5p4m at gmx.de
Sat Mar 5 13:38:36 NZDT 2011

I was able to fix the problem. The non-English XSLT files are not up
to date (I only checked with the German version for now but I
suppose it's the same problem for all). The most important change
seems to be line 5




but there are more differences. I attach a diff-file with (I hope)
all differences that are not translation-based. I'm afraid I have
not learned how to commit a real patch to Koha yet. I will file a
bug and include the solution tomorrow (it's 1:30am here). If there
is a walkthrough explaining how to provide a patch for Koha please
guide me to it.

Good night,


schrieb Mirko am 04.03.2011 23:30:
> Dear list,
> as stated in the subject: when I search in the OPAC, in the results
> page I get "Availability: Copies available for loan:" etc. -- but
> only if the OPAC language is English. If it's German, Turkish,
> Spanish, Polish or Russian, I get "No copies available" (in the
> resp. language) [if it's French i get "Erreur 500"].
> Is that a known problem? Does it work as it should for others? Did I
> do something wrong with the translation files? (I do not really
> remember how i installed them, I had to do it manually I think).
> I'm on Koha 3.2.5 using the Debian-packages on Squeeze,
> OPACXSLTResultsDisplay is on.
> Any help is appreciated,
> Mirko
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