[Koha] Help required in configuring Koha 3.2

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Fri Mar 4 03:27:39 NZDT 2011

On Thu, Mar 3, 2011 at 7:22 PM, Somasekhar Rao K <raosoma at gmail.com> wrote:
>> > 3. How to do entries for the books which doesn't have ISBN or ISSN or not listed in libraries like Library of Congress etc.,

> Thanks a lot for quick response. This is about point 3 (making entries into Koha which doesn't have ISBN/ISS)
> I am referring to many Indian language books which we intend to keep in our library. I am very sure they are not listed in international library resources. So, it is required to do our own MARC records and import them.

> There are many entries in Koha to enter a MARC record. Is there any quick way to import details. I saw many tools of Marc Editor also. Can you suggest which is most used tool and well compatible for Koha.

Sorry but I'm not sure what you're asking beyond what I've already answered.

If you can find a source (perhaps an Indian library serving records)
then import that. If you need to create them yourself, then do so
>> either within Koha's cataloging interface, or by creating MARC records with a tool like MarcEdit and importing them.

In either case you will need to decide what fields you want, and do
your Marc Framework configuration to match - you can hide the fields
you're not using if that will help speed things up - is that what you

Personally I think creating a template in MarcEdit's MRK format and
just using a text editor is about as efficient as you can get - for a
lot of books, yes it's a lot of work. . .

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