[Koha] Help required in configuring Koha 3.2

Somasekhar Rao K raosoma at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 22:26:14 NZDT 2011


Good day. I am looking help for the following.

1. SMS setup: How to do SMS setup in Koha configuration for patrons in
India? There are some APIs as said in this link
http://www.smswala.co.in/smsapi.html But not sure how to use them in Koha
configuration. (Patron Preferences, SMSSendDriver)
2. When I add multiple items (example same book having multiple copies) in
the catalog, the tool is not generating different barcode numbers. May I
know how to do the differentiation between the items of same type.
autoBarCode is set to "generated in the form <branchcode>yymm0001".
3. How to do entries for the books which doesn't have ISBN or ISSN or not
listed in libraries like Library of Congress etc.,

Can you please help me out in configuring Koha for above points?

Thanks in advance,
Soamsekhar Rao K
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