[Koha] Generate Barcodes in one shot from database & Koha enc

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Thu Mar 3 00:01:57 NZDT 2011

sheldon_tappin wrote:
> Also, we would like to add patron information from a management system
> database into koha, I've noticed that Koha ILS borrowers passwords are
> encrypted, so... can anyone tell me what encryption is used to encrypt the
> patrons' password field in the database.

suggests it is md5_base64.

We probably should salt that.  Anyone want that thankless task?  (I
think you'd need to change all calls to C4::Members::changepassword
too and maybe more besides.)

Sorry I can't remember how to add all barcodes to a label batch.

Hope that helps,
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