[Koha] How to install by uploading through FTP

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Wed Mar 2 23:47:57 NZDT 2011

Steven Santos wrote:
> Would it make more sense, in the long-term, to develop Koha as an FTPable
> application?
> After all, something with the ease of install/update of WordPress would be a
> game changer.

I think first, someone would need to bring NoZebra back up-to-date so
that searching was about as good.  The main searching pressure seems
to be to make Koha harder to install by adding Java-based Solr, but if
we are going to support both Solr and Zebra, then that will mean
search becomes more modular and it would be easier to bring NoZebra

Warning: I only use Koha with Zebra at the moment, so I am probably
insulting both Solr and NoZebra variations of Koha.

To be fair, Koha is quite a bit more complex than Wordpress and does
more things with more specialised data.

Second warning: I develop for Wordpress and I am definitely insulting
it. ;-)

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