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Fri Feb 25 12:24:38 NZDT 2011

I found the following on a FAQ page for Koha. Does anyone know if this is
now available? I notice it says code would be written for it in 2009.

Thanks in advance.

--Jim Maroon
Is there a phone notification service for Koha?

The functionality must include ability to phone customers with a
computerized voice message to let them know of items on hold ready to be
picked up, and of items overdue. It also has the capacity to receive calls
and renew items according to our policies. This is more than the average drs
office that calls with appointment reminders- must be able to link approx
250,000 item and 40,000 borrower records.

The FOSS PBX system Asterisk (http://www.asterisk.org/) could do what you
propose, but would need additional programming for the Asterisk<->Kohainterface.

This code is planned to be written in the summer of 2009.


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