[Koha] Browsing the shelf is based on ?

Robin Sheat robin at catalyst.net.nz
Thu Feb 24 23:50:53 NZDT 2011

Op donderdag 24 februari 2011 18:27:34 schreef hansbkk at gmail.com:
> When the user clicks on the "browse the shelf" feature, is that based
> solely on the call numbers? Or is there an interaction with the
> "source item's" branch/library, collection code, shelving location,
> item type or anything else?

Disclaimer: this is without checking. It looks at the location and the call 
numbers. It's intended to show the items that would be nearby on the same 
physical shelf. There's a patch that I wrote that I think is in master (and 
maybe in the latest stable?) that creates sysprefs that let you pick exactly 
what it filters on, e.g. being able to switch off caring about location.
> Does every item show on the "shelf", or just one per biblio?  If the
> latter, how does Koha select which item shows?

Every item shows on the shelf.

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