[Koha] intro & first question

Klaas Chielens klaas.chielens at vub.ac.be
Mon Feb 21 08:33:33 NZDT 2011

Hi all,

I stumbled on the kohalist after struggling to get koha up and running for a couple of days now. As this list kindly asks to describe myself; here it goes

I work for a research institute at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium) . My main tasks include everything that is somewhat web-related; from e-learning to managing mailinglists to structuring and remaking websites etc etc. You get it, the traditional "oh, he knows what html is and has some idea about css too and has his own server up and running so we can ask him anything moderately related to webstuff or electronics. My background however is linguistics so I have only a hobby-esque knowledge of linux and servers and am definitely not a full blown sysadmin/programmer/... . 

This is where the misery started; our Apple Sysadmin (who only knows apple) saw something about an ILS named koha but as it is linux and he has no linux experience whatsoever he thought the office webmonkey might just be the one to give this mission to. I got a macmini and the order "make it work". First i struggled to install Debian on this server and then I got to installing koha. However, after going through the debian installation, I end up with a http://localhost/ that says "system maintenance; the koha online catalog is offline for system maintenance. We'll be back soon!... (etc). I get nothing on ports 8080 or other ports i've tried and frankly after looking for a while now, i have no clue what to do or how to go on. So I got on to this mailinglist by lack of finding support-forums or anything else to go by. I tried to join the irc channel but couldn't get into it. 

my config: debian-squeeze (6.0) on a macmini 2.1 (running it with bootcamp so not in macos but on a fully operational debian)

Thanks for any help and I hope that, once i get it going, i might , eventually, be of help here as well!



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