[Koha] problem with duplicate entries

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Sat Feb 19 00:19:54 NZDT 2011

Emrys Minnig wrote:
> My experience with duplicate records resulted from a colleague using
> an unmodified (and untoolbarred) version of IE7 -- not IE8 -- and I
> also can't entirely rule out network issues.  I work in a school, so
> am always working within the constraints of proxies and content
> filters.

Right, I've been running around offices borrowing computers and I've
tested the same process that caused a duplicate for someone else.
I've tested on IE6 and IE8 and neither duplicated.  Sadly, the only
machine I found that still had IE7 was so slow that I didn't complete
the process on it! (The javascript in the MARC editor thrashed it and
then it crashed on the Add Item page.)

But the person who reported the duplicate to me was using IE8.
What's going on?
Anyone else seen duplicated records?
Can you tell if they duplicate before or after items are added?

Please don't let this be a heisenbug!

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