[Koha] 3.1 data into 3.2 database?

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Wed Feb 16 22:30:08 NZDT 2011

Tom Hanstra <tom at nd.edu>
> I've inherited a MySQL database export  from a 3.1 version of Koha.  I 
> need to load this data locally into locally hosted version of Koha.
> Is there going to be a good way to load that data into a 3.2 database?  
> Also, might there be database changes made for minor revisions?

I think you should just be able to install Koha 3.2, replace its
database with one loaded with that data, and let the web installer
handle the database upgrade for you.

Since 3.0, Koha has been pretty good at upgrading its database.
A bit chatty with some misleading warnings sometimes, but pretty good.

However, if it was some customised version of 3.1, there is scope
for confusion.  You won't really know until you try, but there's
not much harm in trying.

Hope that helps,
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