[Koha] Creative re-purposing of major fields

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Wed Feb 16 07:05:21 NZDT 2011

On Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 12:34 AM, Chris Cormack <chrisc at catalyst.net.nz> wrote:
>>> The question remains on whether the Collection and/or Shelving location can be assigned to items completely independently of Home branch - I realize the latter especially is "supposed to be" subsidiary to Branch, but since I don't need to use it for that function, and it displays in the OPAC, can I use it for something like Age appropriateness across locations?

Thanks very much Chris, looks like the only thing holding back my
creativity on classifying our collection will be (should be) common
sense 8-)

>> Well, I'm coming from a plain ol' user's POV, so if it's not in stable it's not available 8-)
> Luckily not everyone has that attitude, or things never would get into stable :)

Point well taken on users contributing back, I am certainly willing to
do so within my capabilities, and where I've seen people offering to
document the issues I'm struggling with, I've already been offering to
help out as my understanding solidifies.

Maybe one day I'll be capable of testing beta stuff - right now I'm
just getting my feet wet.

> Make sure you use www.koha-community.org, that is the official and maintained site.

I'll certainly make that my starting point, but I'm finding all kinds
of useful stuff scattered all over the interwebs - much that was
written even for v2.x is useful for someone just trying to wrap their
head around basic concepts. There doesn't seem to be as much content
depth yet to the v3-specific information.

For example, I found this juicy item here:

as well as here:

I assume the latter is more up to date?

Side note -  "Setting up a Development Environment" is classified as
"for newbies?"
When it comes to tech-level implementation details I am very aware of
the fast-moving development pace - Koha's obviously a very active

Thanks again for your (plural) contributions. . .

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