[Koha] Creative re-purposing of major fields

Chris Cormack chrisc at catalyst.net.nz
Wed Feb 16 06:34:28 NZDT 2011

* hansbkk at gmail.com (hansbkk at gmail.com) wrote:
> 2011/2/15 Ian Walls <ian.walls at bywatersolutions.com>:
> >> > See a patch I submitted a year ago:
> >> Also see that there are issues with the patch that require additional
> >> work.
> > With a little modification, I've gotten the original patch to apply, and it
> > works for searching on the OPAC.  I think the next steps to get this
> Well, I'm coming from a plain ol' user's POV, so if it's not in stable
> it's not available 8-)
Luckily not everyone has that attitude, or things never would get into
stable :)

> NBD anyway, just because it's not available as a search factor, the
> fact that it displays in the OPAC, means I'd like to use it to display
> meaningful information about the item.
> So how about it guys, could someone try to answer my question?
> Here's a concrete example - suppose I've got a huge "Animation"
> collection, large "Disney" and "Directors" collections, and a smaller
> "Barbie" one.
> Could these items be located at multiple library branches?
> Say I've got shelving locations called "Princesses" and "Fairies" and
> "Action". Can these span across Collections, so that items from both
> "Directors" and "Animation" could be in the "Action" shelving
> location. Or do the "Disney Princesses" need to be a separate shelving
> location from the "Barbie Princesses"?
> I realize this is a whimsical illustration, and am not asking about
> the logic of this from a librarian's POV - strictly on the
> IT-technical question of whether the Koha UI or DB enforce a
> "containing hierarchy" relationship between these fields.
In that case, this query belongs on the koha-devel list. That's the
place for technical discussions.

> While I'm at it, I'd like confirmation that the call number sequence
> is also completely separate from all of the above (I think
> "orthogonality" is a word?) and that this is the order used for the
> OPAC's "browse the shelf" functionality?
The answer is yes, Koha does not force you to shelve things in a certain
way. There is no enforced relationship between collection code, shelving
location and callnumber. You can fill those fields with whatever you

Also I note in an earlier mail from you, you were looking at the old
koha site. Make sure you use www.koha-community.org, that is the
official and maintained site.


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