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Thomas Krichel krichel at openlib.org
Thu Feb 10 09:31:25 NZDT 2011

  Robin Sheat writes

> sudo -u "library-koha" -H env PERL5LIB="/usr/share/koha/lib/"
> KOHA_CONF="/etc/koha/sites/library/koha-conf.xml" /usr/share/koha/bin/migration_tools/rebuild_zebra.pl -a -b -r -v

  Setting the KOHA_CONF enviroment sorted out my immediate issue.

> where this presumes that you created a library called 'library'.

  But these words suggested to me I had probably veered off 
  the path that the righteous take to salvation. So I started
  again and used the Debian/koha way as much I could figure
  out how to do. I believe it was a success, zebra works
  on my installation to find bib items. After two days of 
  sweat, here is a report on how easy it actually is


  You and Lars have done a phantastic job but it is less than
  phantastically documented. The page above is my humble attempt
  to contribute something that common mortals can follow. I will try to
  unleash this on a bunch of MSLIS students on Saturday. I will
  probably find some more things to tweak on the page. 
  Thanks and cheers,

  Thomas Krichel                    http://openlib.org/home/krichel
                                               skype: thomaskrichel

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