[Koha] Vote for Koha Con 2011

Reed Wade reedwade at gmail.com
Sat Feb 5 13:21:42 NZDT 2011

2011/2/4 mohan pradhan <pradhmohan at gmail.com>:

> My point of adding country is that weightage should be given first to
> country and then to institute.

As Chris said, this would be a significant departure from the existing
process and practise. Management and decision making with caring
individuals as the unit of measure has served us very well. The recent
case where an American company attempted and failed to hijack the
project is a strong validation of that.

There will be many more KohaCons to come and many opportunities for
hosting. Having been to one and seen the really extraordinary lengths
people will go to attend and the value attendees see in spreading that
opportunity I'm confident that everyone will have the chance to host.

Having so many genuine offers to host is very exciting. I would love
to start seeing some 2012 and beyond proposals.

> Further the results of the polls should be visible instantly, whenever a
> vote is given instead of sharing the result at the end.

I don't see the value of this. And I can imagine some serious
downsides. I'd prefer people vote based on their own situation instead
of factoring in my existing vote.


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