[Koha] Vote for Koha Con 2011

Chris Cormack chris at bigballofwax.co.nz
Sat Feb 5 08:15:07 NZDT 2011

2011/2/4 mohan pradhan <pradhmohan at gmail.com>:
> Dear All,
> My point of adding country is that weightage should be given first to
> country and then to institute. Otherwise, a big country have more vote
> (having more institutes) and small country will have few votes. Also there
> should be a system, how many votes an orgnization can give i.e. person
> within an organization. All these should be mentioned and there should be a
> system for taking into consideration these points i.e. rules for casting a
> vote.. This will allow to organize the conference even by a small country
> having support of many countries.This meets the philosophy by which the vote
> counting method was adopted at the beginning to give equal chance to give
> opportunity to all the countries of the world to organize Koha Con 2011.
Hi Mohan

Please if you reply to the digest, don't quote the entire message in
your reply. The reason this got held for moderation was because the
message was so large.

I disagree with your proposal, I don't think one persons vote should
count less than another, just because of where they live, that seems
totally unfair to me. People attend conferences, not countries.

I also disagree this was ever adopted, certainly it's not something I
would agree to.

I think if there is a fear that one country will host Kohacon every
year (even though that has not happened before) it would be fair to
have a rule that the same country can not host a conference within 3
years (or some time period).

What the vote is for, is "Where would you like to most attend
Kohacon11?" I would hope that those who have bid for 2011 are also
planning to build for 2012 also.

Just my 2 cents

Back to merging patches for the 3.4 release I go


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