[Koha] Trouble getting zebra to work

Chris Nighswonger cnighswonger at foundations.edu
Thu Feb 3 12:42:33 NZDT 2011

Hi Doug,

2011/2/2 Doug Dearden <dearden at sarsf.org>

> Hello all,
> I am having some trouble getting searches to work using zebra, and am
> suspicious that I may have caused my problems as I was going through the
> setup.  I have set up a test server on Debian Lenny, using git to download
> koha.  I am planning on doing some work that I hope to contribute back so
> chose a dev install when I was setting up.  The files are in
> /home/doug/kohaclone and /home/doug/koha-dev .  I was logged in as root when
> I ran the install routine, then changed ownership on all the files to the
> koha user later.  After that, I restored one of my databases from my
> production server, copied the default koha-conf.xml and edited it to point
> to the correct database (named ‘image’).  I did the same with the
> koha-httpd.conf file, copying it and editing it where needed.  While logged
> in as “koha”, I would get an error when I tried to run rebuild_zebra.pl .
> I logged in as root and ran it that way and it didn’t throw the error, but
> searches aren’t finding anything.  I then figured out that the new config
> files I created had root as the owner.  I changed those to have koha as the
> owner.  The rebuild_zebra.pl script would then run without throwing the
> error.  I then read a post that indicated being logged in as root when
> running rebuild_zebra.pl would mess things up, as certain log files and
> lock files would get created with root as the owner and koha would not be
> able to access them.
> Any idea where I would find these files?  I have several files in
> /home/doug/koha-dev/var/lock/zebradb/biblios but they are all owned by koha,
> not root.  There is no koha directory in /var/log .

Check also files under /home/doug/koha-dev/etc/zebradb.

Koha logs are in /home/doug/koha-dev/var/log

> I don’t know what to expect from rebuild_zebra.pl .  I am setting the
> KOHA_CONF and PERL5LIB variables.  If I run “rebuild_zebra.pl –z –a –b” >
> /home/doug/zlog.txt the script appears to run (the cursor blinks for a bit,
> then the command prompt returns), and a 0 byte file named zlog.txt is
> created.

try './rebuild_zebra.pl -a -b -r -v' for verbose output and to completely
rebuild the indexes.

> If I change the system preferences setting to use the no zebra option, then
> run rebuild_nozebra.pl the indexes are built and searches work.  Returning
> the system preferences to use zebra breaks things again.

nozebra is basically deprecated and unsupported at this point in Koha
history. Avoid it like the plague.

> I have a feeling this is an ownership/permissions problem somewhere, either
> on some files or maybe relating to MySQL.  I’m just not sure where to look
> or how to troubleshoot.
Probably permissions. Something here may be useful too:

Kind Regards,
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