[Koha] multivolumepart?

Frédéric Demians frederic at tamil.fr
Wed Feb 2 07:02:07 NZDT 2011

 > I work in a library that catalogs separately each volume of a
 > multivolume book. I'm testing koha for a couple of days and today I
 > tried to catalog a multivolume book. We have an ILS in which we can
 > catalog the multivolume book as a whole without adding items, then we
 > catalog each volume and use the linking bloc 4 (461) from unimarc to
 > link to the set level and add items to each volume.  I'm not sure now
 > if this is possible in koha. Am I missing something? I apriciate some
 > tips.

There is a plugin in UNIMARC Koha which can help you: unimarc_field_4XX.pl

You have to modify you default framework. Add this plugin to 461$a for
example. This plugin will allow you to search for serial or monograph
host title. Then the biblio record ID (biblionumber) is copied into
461$9 and also descriptive fields into the appropriate 461 sufields.

You have a sample here:


You can see a link to the 'mother' biblio record. It works also from
mother bilio to each related records (each volume in your example).

Frédéric DEMIANS

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