[Koha] Authority file bug? deleting a subfield blanks out control fields

Elaine Bradtke eb at efdss.org
Wed Feb 2 04:56:55 NZDT 2011

We're running 3.2.1, but I didn't see this in the list of things fixed
in the latest version.

I was editing an existing authority record.  I clicked on save and
received a long list of error messages.  Basically all the fields that
were filled in under tab 0 had been blanked out (I didn't check to see
if everything else had been wiped out).  Koha still thought it was the
same authority record because it still displayed the original
authority record number (it said Modify authority #1519 Personal
On further investigation, I believe it is related to deleting a
subfield in the 666 field (it would be that number).
If I clicked on delete subfield, this caused the other fields to blank.
If I manually erased the information in the subfield, it functioned normally.
Deleting subfields doesn't seem to cause this problem in editing biblio records.
Has anyone else encountered this?

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