[Koha] Koha System Administrators Special Interest Section

G. Laws glawson at rhcl.org
Tue Dec 20 06:08:40 NZDT 2011

As Koha continues to grow in popularity it seems reasonable to assume
there may be a corresponding increase in the number of Koha system
administrators, specifically separate from developers. At some point if
there is interest in starting a mailing list or a wiki section for
system administrators maybe we should discuss it.

The following email discussing updates in Debian that I received on a
different mailing list is one example of information that might be of
interest to such a group.



On Mon, Dec 19, 2011 at 1:10 AM, Richard Allen <rsaxvc at gmail.com
<mailto:rsaxvc at gmail.com>> wrote:

    Trying to upgrade an older debian squeeze install, aptitude tries very
    hard 'resolving dependencies', eats 3+ gigs of ram, the machine fills
    swap and thrashes until I kill it. Anyone else run into this issue?

    I'm rather curious if it would've died earlier with a 32-bit kernel.


Have you tried the upgrade with apt-get?  It's (again) the recommended
package manager for Debian (as opposed to aptitude in Lenny)[1]:


Although the |aptitude| command comes with rich features such as its
enhanced package resolver, this complexity has caused (or may still
causes) some regressions such as Bug #411123
<http://bugs.debian.org/411123>, Bug #514930
<http://bugs.debian.org/514930>, and Bug #570377
<http://bugs.debian.org/570377>. In case of doubt, please use
the |apt-get| and |apt-cache| commands over the |aptitude|command.




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