[Koha] Help with MarcEdit Delimited Text Translator

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Hello Christine,

Apart from mapping the fields you have in your excel file, you also need to create some other fields like permanent location, holding branch, itemtype and barcode if you need to circulate the items. Also note that the branch code, location, itemtype has to match what you have in Koha.

You may create this fields in excel before converting using marcedit or add them in Marcedit after conversion.

In addition to the link Nicole sent you, you can also read

http://manual.koha-community.org/3.4/en/implementation.html#imp-migration and

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Hi group,  I am volunteering with a non-profit organization who has decided to use Koha to catalogue their collection. It exists as an Excel spreadsheet.  Nicole, on this list, pointed me to these instructions for translating the Excel file:  http://manual.koha-community.org/3.4/en/marceditexcel.html  I thought I made the MARC file correctly, but when I tried to import it into Koha, I received an error that said something to the effect of 0 records were imported, records don’t exist.   I am looking at the tutorial again and I don’t think I mapped the fields correctly as demonstrated in the tutorial.  The spreadsheet contains these fields:  FlagTitle/DescriptionAuthor(s)/Editor/CuratorArtists InvolvedPub. YearGalleryCategoryLocationNotesBorrowed  Do I need to change the column headings to something else? And if so, what would the map to text be? I went to the LOC website, but I can’t understand it :\  Thanks,Christine
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