[Koha] Potential ejournal issues?

Ed Veal edgwick at gmail.com
Sat Aug 6 02:43:52 NZST 2011

I am considering a position as Unit Supervisor for medical school library
that has just gone live with Koha on Aug. 1st.  In my communications with
them they are apparently having “issues” with ejournals. I have read Chapter
6 of the Koha 3.4 manual and have a good handle on how things work. What I
am looking for is personal experience from others. What are some of the
issues you might have faced when dealing with ejournal subscriptions and
linking to them?

Thanks for any insight you, as the user community might have to offer.

*Ed Veal*

Programmer/Analyst I
Texas Tech University Library

Systems Admin/API Consultant
Lubbock Public Library

Disclaimer: The views expressed by the author do not necessarily represent
those of TTU Libraries or the Lubbock Public Library.
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