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Waylon Robertson wrobertson1981 at yahoo.co.nz
Wed Oct 6 00:14:48 NZDT 2010

Doing this sucuessfully, would be a feat of awe. Please please please, let us 
know if you actually get this working. Oh, and prehaps perl could be trimmed 
down to bare minimum modules.... but you'd have to figure out what they are.

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Op dinsdag 05 oktober 2010 03:33:50 schreef Chris Nighswonger:
> The Koha installed from tarball is ~220MB. Then you will have the
> additional packages for the dependencies along with the space required
> for your db. You will probably have to mount up an additional file
> system somewhere.

And the zebra index, which will be the same order of magnitude size as the DB. 
It'll be a tight squeeze to fit it in 512MB, but I think for the number of 
items you have, it would be _just_ doable. You'd still need other machines for 
things like backups though.

You'd also want to keep a close eye on free space, I had one of my dev servers 
run out the other day, and mysql just died a horrible death and I had to 
restore it from backups.

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