[Koha] Checking/Changing "missing" status. Was: Variety of questions about Koha installation

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Thanks, Owen.  Answer below:

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>> Now I see froma post by Owen about Cynthia's "How to mark as missing?"
>> question that there might be something similar there.  When we add a
>> book, everything works fine, but we can't put it on hold -- it's
>> marked as "Lost or missing."
> Where does Koha say the record is "Lost or missing?" On the screen
> where you place the hold?
>   -- Owen
**** It says it in the OPAC view when I log in (perhaps I should log  
in as a non-admin user?).  I have uploaded a screenshot here:

You might be able to see it yourself:

Strangely, from an outsider's view, it says both that the item cannot  
be put on hold and also that it is not on hold.  Nevertheless, I was  
not permitted to place the hold.

I made a patron-user without admin rights and that user got the same  
message, so _somewhere_ there is a hold on that item.

Thanks for asking,


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